Sunday, July 31, 2011

Saturday Night

As I earlier stated, I will be adding normal life things to my blog.  Last night we took Owen and his Mom and Dad to the Tractor Pull in Winston-Salem.  Been a really long time since I had been to one but this was Owen's first.  (Little Livie sat this one out and stayed with Grammy.)  It was so loving to see the shine in Owen's eyes when he saw new stuff.  We really had a great time.

Pa and Owen

My Big Wheel


Decided to take off last Tuesday and go with What's Needlin Ewe of Mt. Airy on their Daycation.  There was a crowd of 12 and we visited Mabry Mill, Va. 

I was pleased to have Bronna come with me and we had a blast.  Bronna will admit she is a city girl and after seeing some of the back roads of VA, she was still glad she is a city girl.  And we both found out what it was like to have 3 xtra shots of espresso added to our fraps.  Wide-eyed!!!  Be sure to ask Bronna what she found in Floyd, VA....

What a perfect back drop while we were knitting with our "modern" yarn.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Energizer Boy

That taste good!

Southport Vacation

Just returned from taking g-kids to beach. We have a little place at Southport, NC and when we started taking Owen he named it the Fish House. So that is what it will always be.

Getting too old to keep up with the little ones.  And not to mention there is NO time for the knitting needles.. But what wonderful memories we made.  My angels..


Well started this new blog and think I think I will add more than knitting to my topics.