Monday, September 26, 2011

My First Knit & Crochet Show (Overwhelmed)

Bronna brought to our attention earlier in the summer about the Knit & Crochet Show coming to Greensboro. Of course I had never been to one and thought it would be fun if a group of us (Pat, Joyce, Wanda, Pam) could get together and see what it was all about. I missed my friends, Dawn  and Laurie who could not go with us on Friday. Our LYS, Knit Picky was going to have a booth there. Well talk about a kid in a candy store, I was overwhelmed and couldn't stop going from booth to booth and touching the yarn. (Course I found out there were lots of people doing the same thing.) I did bring a few things home. Thought you might enjoy see what treasures I found and no, don't ask me when will I get them all done...

Swing Back Shawl (Maggi knits) found it at The Needle Lady
Beautiful blues done in Cotton, Linen, Lurex and Mist Slub

Springtime Bandit Scarf (Kelbourne Woolens) found at Knit Picky Yarns 
Color of Terra-Mint, A baby alpaca,wool,silk blend.
Springtime in Philadelphia (Kelbourne Woolens) found at Knit Picky Yarns
Color of Terra - Dark Indigo
Beautiful Ansel  at Miss Babs
100% Superwash Merino Hand-painted. Pattern to follow later! 

Gosh - I better not show anymore, I will get overwhelmed again.  But my friends who know me, know that I love BAGS...yep, I left with one or maybe ....

Well as you can see, I have some projects waiting on me, and a pretty bag to carry them around in.  I don't think I could handle a bigger Knit Show, well not without lots of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Sunday, September 18, 2011

In Between Raindrops

Well, my weekend was a busy one and activities were done in between raindrops.

Started Saturday off by watching my favorite grandson playing soccer. He is playing his second season. Don't care about the score, just love to see him play..

Ain't he sweet?
After our soccer games, we went to a Church Bar-B-Q for our annual BBQ Chicken. Our friends invite us to join them every year.  I won a silent auction for a golf game that hopefully will be fun for the family.

Then it was off to a surprise birthday party for Sonny's cousin. She is turning 60 this month.  Party was given by her daughter and all went well. Sure was hard keeping away from all those wonderful looking desserts!  Will-power.

Sunday, Sonny and I took our weekly trip to Beaver Creek Golf Course for a round.  It was really fun and the air felt so "autumn". Saw a few trees already turning. After completing our round, we went to Cousin Gary's Diner for our Sunday Buffett. It is in Pilot Mountain and love to go eat at their buffett bar, good food and good prices.

Now it is time to settle down, watch golf, watch football, take a nap, and then pick up my needles to do a little knitting.  Life is good. Hope all had a good weekend and are ready for a busy week ahead..
REMINDER: The Knit and Crochet Fiber Show is in Greensboro Friday - Saturday.  Hope you get to attend.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How Did You Spend Your Day?

I know all of us honored the rememberance of 9/11. So what did you do that day and the day after? I can just about bet it was doing something that you were FREE to do. Thank you to all who have served and are serving in the military to keep our shores as free as they can. And we, as Americans, can help too by letting them know we appreciate our freedom.  Let's help our country by looking for local vendors, Made in America products. My grandson asked me if there were ANY toys made in America cause all he saw was MADE IN CHINA.  As we were growing up, I took for granted when I saw a product that said Made in America.  Now how many do we see? Just thinking....

I was able to enjoy the weekend with my wonderful husband. We spent Sunday and Monday playing golf. We were avid golfers at one time and then life happened. It felt so good to have that freedom to do it again. It's a simple pleasure, you either like golf or you don't. But we do and know that it is something we can share together. 

There is a quaint golf course in Dobson, Beaver Creek, that is family owned and they are just plain good folks. Tim and Cindy will always make you feel at home. So if you are ever up that way, drop in, no tee time required..

I love his "Freddie Couples" shoes.

I really did hit the ball.

Here's hoping everyone is having a good week. 

Friday, September 9, 2011

In Honor of 9/11 and The Days To Come

Good Friday to my friends and followers.  I have a few projects in the works, but wanted to share a music video that I have kept for the past 10 years. Yes, I do remember where I was..yes I remember crying...yes I remember being afraid...yes I learned to hug and love more..Just remember to reach for HIS hand....

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

Don't really have a lot to say today. Hope to get some pictures out next week of completed projects. I knit and then I forget.

Just wanted to send a Happy Holiday Greeting to all my friends. And hope that you will be able to be with your family during this weekend. If there is a family member that you can't be with, just remember that you love them, miss them and the day will come that you can renew your lives.

God bless you all.  And thank you for being my friend....