Tuesday, October 25, 2011

So Far Behind...

There have been so many things going on lately that I have not had time to keep up to date.
During the first week of October, 2011 we meet Sonny's sister and her husband in Sevierville, TN for a week of autumn shopping. We all had fun and I will just d/l a few pics so you can see what a great time was had.
Blue Mountain Mist Bed & Breakfast - Sevierville, TN

Now why are you taking a picture of me again?

Teena (Sonny's sister) & Jim - Shepherdsville, KY

Our Little Cottage - Queen Ann's Lace

Downtown Gatlingburg, TN

What a quaint cottage. Going back!
Motor Nature Trail.. Gatlingburg, TN

On October 22, a few of us made a day trip to Ashville, NC for the SAFF exhibit. A Great time was had by all and we were having so much fun that I forgot to take pictures.  Bad on me.  But we all have memories. Thanks girls, I had a great time! Hope you did.  And talk about $$$....

On October 23, the family went to Owen's Fall Festival at Rural Hall Elem. School. He and Live had a great time. There was face painting, toenail painting and bouncy galore.

Next on Sunday, I took the kids to Fort Chiswell Animal Park in Max Meadows, VA. Was that great fun! I never thought I would have camels, bison, zebras, and many more eating out of our hands.  The sweet camels, Puff and Humphrey was a hit with us all. Here's a few of the pictures from that.  Just wish I had my shears when I saw this beautiful llama.. Going back it was that much fun..
Owen and Livie feeding Daisy

Puff wanted his breakfast then...

he wanted to get on the bus with us

This one is Humphrey

How do you spell wilderbeast?

Cody the Bison - I saw some bison fiber in Gatlingburg that was selling for $75.00/skein

Humphrey was giving Livie some sugar

Antelope hungry too

What a beautiful fiber this would be

Livie, Dianne, and Owen in the mountains of VA

Guess this is a quick catchup of my life lately.  I will try not to get so far behind again. I know I have left out a lot of fun facts but then, they were probably just fun for me.  Until next time....make time for YOURSELF.

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