Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Birthday in My House

To brighten my Tuesday this week, we had Sonny's birthday to celebrate.  Of course his day was spent doing what he likes best, playing golf.

 It was also open house for Owen to get ready for the 2nd grade at Rural Hall Elem. School.  He had fun but had to end up going to the emergency room due to being covered with Poison Oak.  This is his first bout with it, bless his heart, it was on his face and hands.  Got some cream for it and he will be fine.  In fact it didn't stop him from his nighttime frog hunting. He has been doing this since he was 3 and always finds a bushel of frogs.  Have they ever gotten loose in the house? That's another story. 

We finally were able to get the family together and have an ice cream cake for "Pa" and it was enjoyed by all.  This photo shows happiness on his birthday. 

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