Friday, August 19, 2011

Good Friday Morning

Well I can start the day off by saying it is FINALLY Friday.  Sort of got a busy day planned. And hope to find some time to go feel some yarn.

I was looking last night at some of the finished projects I have done and thought I would post them.  But I must admit that when I was in my sewing days, my Mom would always be after me to "DO THE FINGER WORK". Didn't like doing that even though when it was done it would be finished.  I relied on her to do the hemming, buttons, ironing and then I was ready to wear it.  Well, I must admit I am the same way about blocking my projects and guess what, Mom is not here to do them.  Guess I had better work on that fault I have. Speaking of Mom, I wanted to post my favorite picture of my Mom, circa 1933, in her graduation dress.  I just love this era of clothes. And what a "classy-looking" Mom I had..miss her so. She was my BFF.

Ima Imogene Bolt Upchurch

Here are a few of my finished projects. Hope you enjoy.
(When I find the pattern, I can tell you what this one is called)

Loved the colors of this one, reminds me of the coast.

And of course, Livie has to have a new dress (need right buttons)

Owen's vest, he has finally decided that he likes to wear it,

Hope all have a great weekend, the weather might be a little cooler and hopefully that means you can get some "YARN" work done..

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