Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Interesting Tuesday

My day was not starting off very good this morning and I made a comment on facebook that got a lot of replies: "You know, some days people just think about themselves and not others who are always helping them out."

I guess I was in one of my down moods and yep, it came out of my mouth.  Well the day has gotten better, got a few things accomplished like laundry, bills, etc.  Maybe it all has to do with not touching my yarn today.  So let's declare we need a "National Hug Your Yarn Day".  Any takers? 

Tomorrow will be the weekly Knit Nite and I am sure all will be better.  Found this cute little ditty today so I'll post it.  Hope all my friends following have a good day and a wonderful night.  PS  Football is here and I love to knit while I watch football.

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