Friday, August 26, 2011


Didn't think I would be blogging about a hurricane. But Irene wants her 15 minutes of fame. 

Back in 1988, Sonny and I purchased a track of land in Southport, NC.  We enjoyed commerical saltwater fishing on our 25 foot Proline cabin boat named the SEA U LATER and a coastal town devoted to fishing and antiques.  Of course Southport is also a wonderful old coastal town with a lot of history.  It was once named Smithville. Our place is located 1/2 mile from intercoastal waterway and about 3 miles from the ocean.  We have been through quite a few hurricanes - Fran, Bertha, Bob, just to name a few.  We have been twisted around a few times, our privacy fence totally demolished, underpinning scattered a couple of blocks away and some lawn and outside furniture that was never found..

Sonny left yesterday for our place. He wanted to do some preventive stuff.  I did so want to go. But Owen started 2nd grade yesterday and in addition to that day in his life, he was covered in poison oak. I took him to his doctor for some meds and it was so weird.  I could just see new outbreak as we sat waiting for doctor.  His parents decided to keep him home today to take his meds and heal some. So he will be at his Dad's shop and little sister Livie will be with me. Her daycare is closed today due to Gloria having some medical procedure. 

I have spent the night and this morning knitting and watching the weather channel.  I truly have a feeling that tonight will be the show of Irene.  I talked to Sonny last night and told him I wanted to come, of course the man logic, OK we have two vehicles down here and suppose something does happen, then what will we do if the vehicles get messed up.  And of course he is right.  But it's no fun sitting here and wondering.  I will be so nervous that I might be knitting as fast as Irene's wind speed.  All our stuff at Southport is material stuff and it doesn't worry as bad as hoping Sonny and others will be safe. Let's all say a prayer for the people in Irene's path.

Path of Irene @8:00 am on Friday, August 26, 2011     

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